Ɑ-1 (alpha-one)

Ɑ-1 (alpha-one) is a visual series that uses a directed reality artistic involvement of botanical subjects within an environment that is designed to spark evocative cognitive and emotional processing. Intended for use in a clinical setting, this series of images provides a optical, somatic, bottom-up approach that bypasses the brain’s fight/flight/freeze response in trauma survivors by simultaneously activating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Strong, focused subjects paired with intimate and placid backgrounds provide enough visual acuity to spark sensory interpretation while soothing color and tone lulls the viewer into trance-like states, allowing for emotional and cognitive undertaking. The botanical subjects are taken using the Sony α7 Mark III, stitching multiple captures to mimic characteristics of medium-format cameras. Presented in a 12” x12” square format printed on aluminum, this series intentionally imparts a sense of balance and vitality necessary to aid in post-trauma recovery.

Stemming from my own post-trauma recovery, this sensorial series is an impassioned and altruistic-based work that fuses art with science to be added to the growing list of mindful and body-based trauma therapies. The intentional narrative of essence and the ability to thrive through these botanical subjects will, no doubt, bring a sense of calm and persistence to those in need of emotional encouragement.

Summer 2019 Landscape: Reimagined

I’ve spent much of this foray on the extreme opposite sides of the spectrum. I felt challenged to create something extraordinary, as if embodying the spirit of New Topographics. That creation didn’t quite land well, and I became uninspired and defeated. What I carried in initiative was suppressed by my lack of direction and adherence to basic  tenets of the genre. Landscape: Reimagined melds the two extremes, the capture of nature in embodiment of landscape photography with the wildly detracted and abstracted interpretation of the genre’s mores. This personal series hopes to find the common ground between traditional principles and creative innovation.

Spring 2019 Final Project #2

The second iteration of my series of the same name, “The Art of Seeing II” is a mindful exercise into the act of seeing. Relying heavily on visual form, this series asks its viewers to simply see and experience. This living composition actively engages the visual cortex while simultaneously stimulating the limbic system in an effort to apply deep emotional meaning to the things we see. 

Spring 2019 Final Project #1

It can be said that homes are the architectural forms of memory. This social construct of family is imprinted within its design, animating the memories of its inhabitants, and reflecting societal inclinations toward intimate spaces. They become second skins, imbued with material representation of virtues while synthesizing experience. “Homes at Night” is the exploration of finding light and connection within the darkness.